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When it comes to insurance for retail outlets and shops we have good deals available for you. Shop insurance is taken by businesses that provide either a service or a product at a specific premise that is theirs. This can include grocers, hairdressers, newsagents, florists and more. With a good shop cover you are well protected should anything unforeseen occur on your premises. Some of the things that this insurance covers include fire, flooding, tempest or storm and lightning as well. These can be absolutely catastrophic to any business and could even lead to you shutting down indefinitely. Without proper retail cover, such events could lead to bankruptcy which could put your livelihood that of your employees and your dependents at risk.

If you are living in the UK and doing business here, you can bet that a good liability cover will give you peace of mind. With this shop cover, you will safeguard the various livelihoods that depend on that business. You will find that it is one of the most crucial factors to consider for the running of a business. If you are interested in a good retail cover you need to contact us or using our website compare quotes and buy the cover that works best for you.

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Buildings Insurance

When it comes to this you will not be insuring at the buildings selling price but the rebuilding cost. Consider the various costs such as architect fees, debris removal, planning fees, site clearance and all the costs associated with restoring the premises.

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Contents Insurance

This will help you in replacing the equipment you use in running your business including: electronic scales, fittings and fixtures, computers, electronic office equipment, tills, counters and other improvements.

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Stock Cover

This will pay for the goods you have in the store before the disaster. It includes goods that you may have held at your premises for your clients. It will enable you to start over again. You can insure even high risk goods and a sum is required for each of your stocked items.

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Liability Insurance

This can include employer’s liability, public liability and products liability. Standard figures are £10,000,000, £2,000,000 and £2,000,000 respectively for each event that could occur.

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Shop insurance policy also covers

This includes several things such as loss of license, money, cover for goods in transit, sanitary ware and glass, loss of profits, treatment risks, legal protection and expense, Stock value seasonal increase and personal accident.

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No Claims Discounts

  • If you have been trading for some time and have not had any losses or claims you may get a discount
  • If you have good physical security and an alarm connected to a monitoring station with level one police response, then your premiums may be lower

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