Landlord Property Owners Insurance In The UK

Landlord property owners insurance

Landlord property insurance Residential let property
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Get free no obligation online quotes for residential buildings landlord property owners insurance. You can also compare quotes  from our panel of insurers before you buy and if you like the cover then you can buy the policy that meets your budget and your needs. It is cheaper to buy an policy instead of paying  from your own pocket to repair your property.

Our insurers are UK registered insurers that have a long experience in the Landlords property  market and they offer a variety of policies to meet their requirements.

To protect your investment in your property you need to insure  it against fire, escape of water, storm damage, theft, vandalism, subsidence and you also need to cover your furniture, fixtures and fitting. And most importantly loss of rent as this will be paid to you should the property be damage by a fire and the property becomes uninhabitable in this instance the tenant will not pay the rent but the insurer will pay you the lost rental income.

There are several types of potential tenants to whom you can let your property to, namely:

  • Working / professional tenants
  • Students
  • Housing benefit
  • DSS / Social Security referral tenants
  • Asylum seekers

The policies on offer cover the following:

  •     Buildings
  •     Landlord contents – communal areas
  •     Loss of rent
  •     Public Liability   / Property owners liability
  •     Home Emergency Assistance
  •     Accidental and  Malicious Damage

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Commercial landlord property owners insurance

Commercial landlords property owners insurance
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This type of cover protects your commercial property be it a Shop, Industrial Units, Block of Offices, Warehouses, Storage units, Block of flats etc,

Our Landlord property insurance policies are provided by a panel of leading UK insurers that specialise in this type of insurance cover and their policies meets the demands and needs of commercial property owners.

Should the worst happen, then the property owners’ policy on offer will protect you and you will be pleased to know that you will be placed back in the same position that you were in before the incident. This peace of mind is valuable and it will free you to concentrate on running your business as usual.

About our commercial landlord property owners insurance cover

  • It is provided by leading UK registered insurers
  • The cover will be tailored to match your demands and needs
  • We will provide you with Independent advice and offer you enough information to make an informed purchase
  • You can compare quotes from our panel of insurers before buying the cover

The commercial landlord property owners insurance policy covers

  • Buildings
  • Accidental damage
  • Landlord contents  – optional
  • Property owners liability
  • Employer’s liability (Where you have employees like cleaners, concierge, etc)
  • Terrorism  – optional
  • Loss of rent
Landlord property owners  insurance quotes
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