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What is an Excess Protection or Buy Back Insurance policy?

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All insurance policies have an excess, the exception being Employers’ Liability cover and the excess is effectively an agreed amount of money that the insurer will deduct from your claim before sending you the claim’s settlement cheque. Initially this excess helped to reduce your premium when you first took out the policy and in some cases the excess could be over £200 and in some instances as high as £2,000. However, should you have a claim this excess  will be deducted from your final claim settlement cheque.

Therefore,  if you have a policy that has a total excess of £600, combined Voluntary and or Compulsory, then if you have a fault claim and you have to pay £1,000 to repair your car,  the insurer will send you a cheque for £400 after deducting the £600 excess.  This is not a happy ending especially after a claim.

However, there is a way to soften the blow that the high excess inflicts on your finances when you have to make a fault claim by buying an excess protection policy, sometimes called Excess Buy Back,  that refunds / reimburses you the paid excess. 

Protect your finances by investing in a cheap policy that will refund you the excess after a fault claim. Get a good deal on your policy by getting a quote.

Individual excess reimbursement policies can be bought for:

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